Monday, September 20, 2010

Fine strokes

We rely on the web for much travel research, user reviews, client testimonials and so forth. Lonely Planet guidebooks are good too: we'll cut out the pages we'll need for the 4 countries we'll visit; these guidebooks will be working hard for us :)

And despite all the tips and tricks and destination knowledge we have gathered, it's the little things that puzzle me: like where are the day time buses from Lima to Huaraz? I mean they are there before we need one but not when we want it! What's up with that? Peru looks to have a very solid bus network, and we're intending to use it a bunch, too. But it'd be great if the supposed day time departures were on your website, Movil Tours and Cruz del Sur!

We need to finalize the big Cordillera Real traverse (near La Paz in Bolivia) which will take 12 or 13 days and may even include a summit above 6,000 along the way (!) I think we've found a guide company I like and they are great with email now, since their not so useful UK rep is out of the picture.

Today, we had brunch at a friend's house and got the lowdown from a health expert on travelling; everything from food safety to water purification to vaccines. We learned that we appear to have done a fine job preparing :)

Our friend  who will live at our house while we're gone has been moving a few things in and getting to know how the house - and most important the cats - work. Jan's finishing the list of our lives, you know: banking info, passport numbers etc, to leave behind just in case.

Onto doing laundry and deciding which 4 T-shirts I'll be bringing along.

3 weeks to lift-off.

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