Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spanish progress

In January I started learning Spanish. UNAM in Gatineau has been a great place to learn. My way tends to be grammar and vocabulary, instead of speaking and correction, and the university setting works well for that.

After completing the first two levels in a class, Jan and I have been doing Level 3 together in a private course, as no Spanish classes are on offer in the summer. We'll get through 3 of the 6 units by the end of July; the learning is progressive so there's a good mix of repetition, reinforcement and new pieces. 

UNAM closes for August vacation. I am planning on finishing Level 3 via self-study (it includes 2 new tenses, so I'll be looking for some additional resources online to figure this out) and  listening to Spanish-speaking radio - and maybe even watching some TV - online, and just using it more with Jan. 

Learning a new language, one I understood OK due to the other languages I know but never actually learned, has been a cool aspect of this trip preparation. 9 months of study and 3 months of 'immersion' hopefully will yield a workable Spanish.

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