Friday, July 30, 2010

Readying the gear

We're getting ready to leave tomorrow for 4 days in the woods. My notions of what I need to bring on a 4 day backcountry trip are becoming ever more minimal. Where once I would have a backpack full of clothes when travelling say by train through Europe, I now have a backpack with a second pair of socks, rain jacket, 2 T-shirts and an extra pair of shorts ... alongside the kitchen (the food and water dwarf the stove and fuel), bathroom and first aid kit.

We're heading out tomorrow right after work. The itinerary:
Friday night: Cascade Inn so we get an early start the next morning.
Saturday: Park at Adirondack Loj, rent bear canisters, do final pack and head to Interior Outpost at Lake Colden. Set up camp and then time allowing hike up Iroquois via Boundary Peak (about 10 - 11 miles)
Sunday: Keep our camp set up and head on a big loop to hike up Marcy, Skylight and Haystack. Then back to our camp site for dinner and maybe a swim. (about 11 miles)
Monday: Break camp and hike via Mt Colden to Marcy Dam and set up camp there. (5 or so miles)
Tuesday: Final breakfast and leisurely hike out to Adirondack Loj. We'll be home in Ottawa sometimes later in the day/evening. (2 miles)

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