Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Backcountry camping in Adirondacks

We've added a day to this upcoming long weekend, so we will have 4 days for camping and hiking. The plan is to spend 4 nights hiking point-to-point in the High Peaks, moving our camp every day and bagging a few 46ers in the process.

This will give us a chance to test out and tune up the hiking/camping logistics regarding packing - with food (in mandatory bear-resistant canisters for everything that smells like food), kitchen, water and water treatment - and carrying the full packs over significant elevations and distances each day.

The thing I am nervous about is that we'll be camping in black bear country. I'm not eager to get roared at again by a black bear that is feeling a bit threatened or maybe just fed up, as we did a few years ago coming back from a day of climbing near Luskville in Gatineau Park. That encounter is indelibly seared in my memory. And frankly, I have not fully reconcile that experience partly due to the differing human reactions in that moment.

We'll see how we make out this weekend with every aspect of this excursion.

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