Thursday, January 28, 2010

Visas, vaccinations and travel advisories: Peru

One more complex piece in our travel planning puzzle are entry and exit rules. They are not identical for Canadian citizens and EU citizens. So, I am checking info for German citizens (my Canadian landed immigrant status matters not when travelling) and Canadian citizens for every country.
First stop: Peru.

  • No tourist visa needed for either of us.
  • Have to have proof about leaving the country. (The easiest is a plane ticket of course, but that may not suit us totally, so need to figure out a credible proof of leaving Peru again - wonder if a blog counts? ;)
  • Always have to carry our passports with us (Fair enough).
  • The only difference is in regulations about length of stay:
    • Embassy of Peru in Germany -  I could stay up to 6 months, but cannot extend that. 
    • Embassy of Peru in Canada - Jan could only stay 90 days after which she'd have to get an extension. (not a problem given our overall trip)

Travel advisories are always 'fun' to read. Canada has a travel advisory published about Peru that sounds a bit scary for the regions; which is why I always make sure I read travel advisories about countries I know well or have been to along side countries I am exploring. And here's the German government's take on Peru, also not that hot, but as a traveller one has to relax and take a bit of a relativist's view.

In terms of vaccinations it looks like Yellow Fever and Malaria are required. As for altitude sickness, we've been high enough often enough to know about acclimatization and not ascending too quickly.

I have been sorry to hear about the rainy season mud slides disrupting tourists' enjoyment of Machu Picchu. I do hope that all the Peruvian people affected by flooding are coming through well the rainy season this year!

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