Monday, January 25, 2010

Skiing in Chile 2006

Our first trip to Chile was for 2 weeks in July/August 2006. We spent 1 week at La Cornisa in Farellones and skied in El Colorado and Valle Navado. Farellones is only about 40 km outside of Santiago, but high in the Andes at the end of many switchbacks. The snow bus and equipment rental service from Santiago is excellent and affordable.

Luckily, there was a 3-day blizzard dumping tons of powder snow. Lucky, because climate change is making winters unreliable everywhere.
Being used to Eastern Canadian ice and hard packed conditions, I became a much better powder skier that trip. Well, eventually ...
Apart from skiing, we fell in love with Santiago where we spent a week of sightseeing, visiting vineyards, day tripping to Valparaiso on the coast and on an amazing hike in Maipo Valley.

We are planning to visit Chile again on our three months trek. The Atacama desert in the North and Torres del Paine in the South are on the shortlist. We'll be looking to find some penguin colonies.

Got any additional ideas?

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