Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tombstone's flora

Among the formidable aspects of Tombstone's beautiful tarns, soaring cirques, ragged mountains and wild moraines is its multitude of vegetation. While much of it is tiny, it is amazingly resilient: after all much of this land is alpine tundra. Following are a few close up impressions. I checked on names in The Boreal Herbal by Beverly Gray (Great to meet and chat with Bev at the camp fire in Atlin!) ... If by chance you know these plants or their uses, leave a comment and I will update accordingly. Other than that simply enjoy the minuscule majesty of these plants!
(I took all of these pics at Divide Lake. Click to enlarge.)
Nature's rock art.
Geoblock appears just like square foot gardening.

2: Labrador Tea (use leaves and flowers)

3: Arnica (heart-leaf)

4: Arctic Cotton



7: Lungwort (use leaves)

8: River beauty (use leaves and flowers)

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