Sunday, August 10, 2014

9 hours in Dawson City

Our Tombstone hike out delivered us to our SUV around 10 pm with the sun high in the Northern sky. After high fives and trail head selfies, we headed to Dawson City. We knew that the Dawson City Music Festival was on that weekend, which likely meant little chance of vacancies or camping. But 5 days of oatmeal, an assortment of trail bars and re-hydrated vegetarian dinners had me craving meat protein, so off we went.
The entertainment.

We arrived in Dawson around 11:30 at night and quickly learned the only place to eat was Diamond-Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall. We giddily entered an alternate reality in "Canada's first casino" complete with the midnight show, gamblers seeking fun and fortune, plenty of drinking and, yes, a late-night kitchen. Jan bought us beers, I got myself a cheeseburger with a side salad ('cause that was the more healthful option) and Jan had veggie pizza. After the show I had another cheese burger and another pint. I was happy.

By 1:30 in the morning we needed to sleep. We pulled into an RV / camping spot, parked in a quiet corner and slept for a few hours in the SUV. We left before the office opened (we would have happily self-registered but there was no such option) and headed to the Eldorado hotel for an early breakfast. I consumed all manner of protein to last me until dinner in Whitehorse.

Before embarking on the 500 km trip back to our "base camper" in Whitehorse, a hot shower, a brief catch-up visit with a friend and a lovely dinner at Burnt Toast (yeah to locally made Elk and Blueberry sausage), we took a few photos around Dawson to remind ourselves why we'd want to come back to spend some quality time that includes day-time hours. (Click on pic to enlarge.)

Every town needs a theatre!

Open every Friday noon to 5 pm.

"Romance Capital of the Yukon"

How to maintain that historic Gold Rush feeling.

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