Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Packing list

Here's the list of what we think we're bringing. Our target weight is under 23 kg for airline travel and about 20-22 kg for trekking - we'll exchange items not needed on a particular trek for water, food, fuel.

Day pack
Stuff sacks, compression and dry

Tent with fly and footprint
Tarp/emergency blanket
Sleeping bag (to -3C)
Sleeping pad

Fuel canisters (buy fuel locally)

Matches (buy locally)
Tea towel
Cooking pots, spatula
Plate, cup, cutlery
Coffee bodum (plastic)
Water bottles (2)
Water purification tablets
Camp soap (biodegradable)

Zip lock bags

Hiking boots
Hiking shoes or sandals
Trekking pools
First aid kit for hiking
Tiny emergency blanket
Whistle /vanity carabiner
Short rope; D carabiner
Swiss army knife
Duct tape
2 Headlamps and extra batteries

Sunscreen/lip balm (SPF 30 – 50)
Travel Towel
Toiletries (tooth brush, comb, toothpaste, soap, medication, lotion, toilet paper, hand sanitizer (Purell!), tampons/pads, razor)
Sun glasses 

Guidebook pages 
Small notebook and pencil
Spanish-English dictionary

Satellite phone  
Camera, battery charger, electrical adaptor, USB cord 

1 rain jacket
1 soft shell 

1 super light wind jacket
1 rain pants
2 hiking pants (one converts to shorts)

1 jeans
1 hiking shorts 

3 t-shirts (quick drying)
2 tank top
1 light-weight fleece top

1 hoody (mid weight - warm)
1 long-sleeved top
1 cool tex
1 long underwear
5 pairs of hiking socks 

Wind stopper (similar to bandana)

Travel documents, airline tickets, itinerary, credit/debit cards, money belt, wallet, phone numbers

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