Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hiking in the rain

Today we went to Gatineau Park for a little training hike, just 9.5 k from Champlain Lookout to Meech Lake and back.. It turned out to be training in the rain. So out came the  rain jacket, back pack cover and we got to examine the interplay between the two. We were testing the "breathability" factor of rain gear ... while hiking uphill with 40 lb packs; that was rather aerobic.

What did I learn today?

The exertion that comes with lugging heavy packs keeps you warm - rain or not. The rain gear is great when it rains hard enough (it did!). If it's just a bit wet you are better off keeping the rain jacket off (ie maximum breathability) and just make sure you can change into dry clothes when done. Also, I was wearing a technical base layer that is designed to keep warm while wet - it worked.

Hiking boots (yes, boots, not shoes) are drying out now :) Backpack isn't since it stayed dry. All in all a fine experience.


  1. Watch out what you get wet because you might find the only way to dry your clothes is with your own body heat.

    I wore goretex gaiters all the time and if the ground was muddy I'd have rain pants on over top of the gaiters. Not a drop of water entered my boots.

    Make sure you attach your pack cover to your pack if it's prone to billowing in the wind or you'll lose it!


  2. Thanks, Greg!

    Been loving using a couple of the dry sacks to keep things well organized and reliably dry in our backpacks. Also make a fine pillow for the camping comforts.

    Got a new pair of rain pants this past weekend and my goretex gaitors got a lot of use in the backcountry :)

    So far, so good.