Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weather woes

After an unseasonal warm spell lasting several weeks already (awesome!), this past weekend saw temperatures around 0 degrees.

The garden is taking a beating and at the same time we are getting set for camping at Lac Phillipe in Gatineau Park this weekend. The forecast? Well, rain and not that warm. Of course, that spells ideal conditions for testing equipment! Even as it looks like it might be rather uncomfortable ... we'll see if the tent is leak proof - and if not we'll learn how to make it so. As well as, how well the new sleeping bags will perform ... and the stove ... and our mental strength at basically sea level...

The good news: our car will be parked only 5 minutes away and our dry and comfy home is less than an hour away. It's what you might call a "dry run" after all.

The long weekend, we'll be in Keene camping for 3 or 4 nights though ... This could get 'ugly' with present temps...

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