Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Phelps Mountain - done

This Victoria Day long weekend was stunning with blue skies and 30 plus temps.

Jan and I spent 4 days in the Adirondacks High Peak region for some hiking and camping.

On our first full day we hiked up Phelps Mountain from Heart Lake (Adirondack Loj). Phelps is one of the 46ers, albeit a lower one at 4,161 feet. It's 4.4 mile (7.1 km) to the summit. The trail ascends 1,982 feet, mostly in the second half, making for a steep section to the summit. I carried about 35 lbs in food, water, extra clothes, first aid and some other extra stuff so that the weight training part is well accounted for. Glad to be using trekking poles and transfer some of that weight off the quads. We made good time considering, with the round trip coming in at 5:48 (includes about an hour of breaks - much needed in the heat).

We ran into Ken from Vertical Reality on the way back at Marcy Dam - he, his friend and their 2 dogs were at the end of the Algonquin-Avalanche Pass-Marcy Dam loop. It was fun to chat for the last mile as we were booting it back to the car to do a bit of shopping for hiking pants at Eastern Mountain Sports in Lake Placid.

This was followed by a superb stir fry with couscous made on our DragonFly stove and served with a bottle of red wine.

Day 2 was a different sort of story ...

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