Monday, April 19, 2010

I got my back pack!

Both Bushtukah and Trailhead had VIP club nights and as Alpine Club of Canada members we got to take advantage of 20% off sales on all the new stuff.

We made it count: we got our new Dragonfly single burner, multi-fuel stove and white gas, 4 l waterproof compression packs for our amazingly low volume sleeping bags, super light weight 15 l day packs from Marmot and North Face, Jan got gore-tex gaiters, and I got my new hiking back pack, a Gregory Deva 70 series. It's beautiful and totally designed for our trip!

Next up, practice cooking with the new stove and pots in the backyard. So much to learn and get used to.

Thanks Trailhead and Bushtukah for having these excellent special sales events!

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