Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another iteration

The planning process for something that I have never undertaken entirely before can, to say the least, overwhelm you. Once the initial shock was over of truly believing that I was indeed going on a three-month adventure, Inga and I settled into planning.

Given that we want to play in wonderful landscapes as much as is humanly possible, weather is a key trip planner. I found and Inga jumped in and printed the data for areas we wanted to spend time in.

Rainy season is not something that we really think about in Ottawa (although, after last summer, one could argue to the contrary) but it was certainly part of the considerations when thinking about when to be in Costa Rica, in particular. The previous iteration of our plans had us flying into San Josee from Ottawa, but now with the precipitation data in hand, we would have to go to Costa Rica at the end of our trip. Et voila, the iterative nature of planning, and our next thoughts.

When we were first blowing our minds about the idea of "where would we travel for three months", traveling to South America figured early on. Because I have never been to Central America, I thought that, given we have three months, let's also go to Costa Rica. I am drawn to Costa Rica because of the lushness of its landscape and the diversity of its flora and birds. There is nothing understated about the intense and saturated colours of Costa Rica's nature.

(And so it begins: the idea of travelling to Central America.)
(Next time.)

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