Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vancouver 2010

Wow. It's true: mountains hosting the Olympics are empty!

We had an amazing blue sky day of skiing on Monday at Whistler-Blackcomb and never ever had to wait in  any line up! If it was always like that I would spend way more skiing time there. Yes, during the Olympics you pretty much have to take a shuttle up at $70 round trip it's expensive, but no line ups, so I figured, it's well worth the extra cash.

And we had a fantastic time in downtown Vancouver and with our friends in Deep Cove (what a pretty place!), too. Awesome Olympics. Go Vancouver!

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  1. You WENT to the Olympics? Clearly, you did watch them. In person, you lucky dog! It must have been amazing. Do tell. I'm going to check out more. Calder [Evelyn]