Saturday, February 13, 2010

Parque Nacional Huascarán

This is the shortlist for us in Peru, I think:
Parque Nacional Huascarán contains the Cordillera Blanca. That is the highest range of the Peruvian Andes and the highest range in the world's tropical zone. All in 1,300 square miles or 340,000 hectares. That's big.

Huaraz which is the hub city for the Park is situated at 3,052 m high. We will pay lots of attention to acclimatization, as the affects of mild AMS while not dangerous can put a kink into the fun. To get there I am wondering whether we should plan on spending a couple of days at 2,500 m, before going there. After all from there we only go higher.

I am excited about the mountains - 30 are over 6,000 metres. And I am excited about the trails. There are short day hikes, there are 2 to 4 days that get you into amazing vistas, high places and there are 10 days circuits.

One of our hopes is to do much of the hiking on our own and in self-sufficiency mode. Then again, what will the reality be of carrying 30 kg backpacks over 4,800 m passes? And, just how much might some of those summits beckon us?

We will be preparing over the next few months with staying and getting in shape for hiking, carrying heavy packs and dealing with the camping gear in any weather. We figure good preparation is what will make these 3 months great.

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