Friday, September 4, 2015

Hiking around Whitehorse: McIntyre Creek

Looking for specimens 
in the marsh.
Gorgeous view from the bluffs 
above McIntyre Creek
How fun: I went on a biologist's quick field excursion to find some specimens for her labs at Yukon College this fall. I had driven down Fish Lake Road before, but never stopped along the way at any of the pull outs. I was happy to get to know McIntyre Creek with its high reward vistas, requiring little effort form the road. There are trails along the Creek as well as high on the bluffs.

Bonus: this creek is mere minutes from my house in Takhini North.
We saw many ducks and ravens along the creek. Environments
like this give true meaning to Whitehorse's moniker as 
The Wilderness City.

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