Monday, February 2, 2015

This and That About Ecuador

I have read, observed, and been told about some interesting, amusing, fascinating and odd facts about Ecuador over the last few weeks. Here is a sampling:

Agriculture/ Farming
  • There are 500 varieties of potatoes
  • Guinea pigs, which are a staple, live inside people's houses in the country. How the guinea pigs react to a person i.e. if they stay calm or squeel, in indicates if the person has good or bad energy.
  • Quinoa is five times the price of rice, making it beyond the means of many
  • All the produce you find in the markets is organic
  • There are four varieties of bananas
Social Framework
  • Healthcare is free
  • Education is free
  • Daycare is free
  • People who require assistance -- welfare -- are not given money but the services
  • In Cuenca, there are daily free Zumba (or other dance or exercise classes) for all
  • Ecuadorians are descendants of the Caribbean peopke
  • Quechua, an indigenous language, is the second language taught in school
  • Panama hats did not originate in Panama -- they are a product of Ecuador, made from the fronds of the toquilla palm, grown only in Ecuador
  • Oil
  • Shrimp
  • Bananas
  • Roses

  • The currency is the US dollar
  • The voltage is 120v, the same as in Canada -- unlike other South American countries

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