Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Atlin music fest delivered more ... especially for this World Cup fan

This is the first in a series of posts from our exploits in the Yukon this July.

To start with, history was made while we were there: Germany became world champion! We watched the game at the very accommodating Atlin Inn with a bunch of Germans and a few Argentina fans. It was a great game, with a superb outcome in my view :) Well worth foregoing a bit of music to see this live!

The art and music part of Atlin comes wrapped in a camping package. Sites were available the Monday before the festival's start on Thursday. So we went to stake a claim for three sites: for ourselves, a bunch of teenagers and friends.

Our dear friend, Michele, Jan and I even managed to get in a hike up Monarch Mountain before heading back to Whitehorse on Tuesday to watch Germany demolish Brazil in a history-making, unbelievable world cup semi-final. Dramatic clouds made for dramatic views across the lake into the mountains. When we reached above tree line it also made from some cold winds. Such is life in awesome landscapes.

Danny Michel
We were lucky to be introduced to Atlin by Michele. It made the whole experience super easy and super fun, and we met a bunch of interesting people. (Her advice to use ear plugs to sleep was sage.)

By Friday we found the area packed with RVs and tents making the most of the 20' x 20' footprints.

This set up makes for a fun festival vibe, where camp fires are visited by friends, acquaintances and perhaps strangers, conversations meander, music permeates the air and food vendors offer all kinds of culinary experiences and there is excellent Midnight Sun coffee, too. While Atlin is actually in BC, the only road to it comes from the Yukon, so many Yukoners enjoy the festivities.

View from hike up Monarch Mountain
Musical highlights for me were Danny Michel, Dave Bidini and Steve Poltz. Alex Cuba was excellent, too, and many others put on fine, fine shows. As Atlin is on Taku River Tlingit land, the festival was opened and closed by the Taku Kwaan Dancers.

Jan and Michele. 
Closing of the festival: Taku Kwaan Dancers.
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