Friday, June 27, 2014

1 week to take off

In a week we are heading North to Whitehorse and to explore the Yukon's amazing landscapes, people and cultures.

We're just about ready:

  • Air North tickets are booked
  • truck rental is booked (well, we left that a little late, so there were no cars or SUV left - lesson learned!)
  • our satellite phone loaner from Iridium - the rugged 9555 - has arrived and I've started putting in important phone numbers just in case
  • gear testing is complete - love the new super-light Big Agnes tent
  • our lovely Whitehorse host has been so helpful and we are stoked to spend quality time
  • we have our house sitters briefed on all things house so they are comfortable while staying here
I have just a few small things to update, like my trekking poles, get a few more light hiking socks and decide which few pieces of trekking clothes to bring to maximize on layering and be ready for cold nights while optimizing weight to performance ratio.

The only booking we'll do is camp sites in Tombstone. While we could camp anywhere in the park, there is a 3 lake circuit that looks amazing and as such there's a limited number of campers allowed which in turn requires booking in advance.

While I have been to Whitehorse once before, and have managed through work to touch down in all three territories in the last 3 years, it will be Jan's first time up North.

Meanwhile, an article I wrote about our recent mountaineering excursion to Bolivia and specifically the opening up of new climbing access in the Cordillera Real's rarely visited Chachacomani area will be published in the July issue of the Alpine Club of Canada's Gazette.

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