Monday, April 28, 2014

The Yukon is calling

I am happiest outside. And second happiest when planning one of our outside trips: Jan and I are going to the Yukon this summer. We've got our Air North flight passes and as soon as Jan's vacation is approved we will book the actual dates.

The plan is to be there for 3 weeks. We'll be staying at a friend's place near Whitehorse. That will serve as a bit of a base camp to go spend quality hiking time around Whitehorse, in Tombstone Territorial Park, Kluane National Park as well as around Carcross in the most southern area. We'll get out on some fast-moving rivers and perhaps gear up on mountain bikes, too. The Dawson City Music Festival and Atlin Arts and Music Festival are happening while we are up there, so we are planning on going to both. Bonus: it sounds like we will see some familiar faces at both festivals :)

Through my work I have been fortunate to visit all three territories in the last three years and to make new friends in the North. Now I am so excited about Jan coming North for the first time! This will be so awesome.

We are getting the training underway now with our usual back country excursions into the Adirondack wilderness and some weekly urban hiking - the point of which is to get used to carrying our 70-litre backpacks again. I am also looking at getting a lighter, yet larger, tent and we'll be making sure our camping kitchen is in good shape.

All to say, this could be an epic few weeks: 19 hours of daylight and the rest simply twilight, an awesome trekking itinerary punctuated by weekend music festivals in tiny places. The Yukon is calling out -- loudly.

Highway 1 heading toward the mountains (October 2011)

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