Friday, August 30, 2013

The vistas of the Cordillera de los Frailes: Inka Trail to Waterfall (Part 2)

The Inca Trail connects over more than 1,000 kilometres. How did they get the stones so flat without the tools we have today? Inga benefits from the labour of others -- and is clearly super pleased about it.
The soft and subtle colours of the Cordillera de los Frailes envelop and welcome us.
The waterfall seems to come out of nowhere to greet the dry land.
Inspired by the land, Jan reflects the strength of the waterfall.
How close can Jan get without crawling in to every drop of water?
Condor Trekkers serves vegetarian food. Yum. After a wonderful morning hike, the assortment of fresh food delights the palate.

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