Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 plans

We've been researching options for mountaineering courses and ascents in the Andes. As of a few moments ago,I have two proposals from Eduardo at Bolivian Mountain Guides on my desk. A couple of days ago we received a proposal from Skyline Adventures in Huaraz, Peru. Reading these itineraries, considering the mountaineering skills we will learn / reinforce and anticipating the high altitude experiences the amazing Andes offer makes me want to go there. Now.

No doubt, Jan and I will settle on one or the other option shortly and set up our year accordingly. There will be training treks, gear updates, skill reinforcement opportunities. My Spanish learning will have renewed purpose. Actually I am done with the courses, but language automation and achieving real proficiency require time and effort.

Yeah! To the Andes in 2013.

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