Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Adirondacks wilderness

We just spent 3 nights in the Adirondacks, one of our all-time favourite hiking destinations. We go often and have been using the technical, demanding terrain of the High Peaks region to prepare for some of our longer trekking and mountain adventures.

This weekend, we were back to hone those skills as we are about to head of the the Alpine Club of Canada's General Mountaineering Camp. The weather was gorgeous, the hiking spectacular, the camp site awesome. In short, we had the perfect weekend.
Jan on top of Saddleback (4,515 feet).
"Precipitous down climb" on way from
Saddleback to Basin Mountain. When the
guidebook says this and adds "extreme
caution" there's a reason.
Massive new slide due to Hurricane Irene
last September. Nature is awe-inspiring in
its sheer force.
View of Basin Mountain. We summitted
it, too (4,827 feet), and then 
backtracked to Orebed camping 
via Saddleback.

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