Sunday, January 8, 2012

Red Book Entry: December 21, 2010

Aboard Evangelista, en route to Puerto Montt. And the adventure continues. Today the sailing is supposed to be relatively calm which is great as I get my sea legs (which I know will not be developed like my trekking legs!) Tomorrow, on the other hand, we will be passing through the Golfo de Peinas where we will be in the open Pacific Ocean, hence the name "De Peinas". For 12 hours, we could experience the ocean with two metre waves. The crew will be giving us some advice ahead of time on what we can do to cope best.

[Happy longest day of the year!
The beauty of being far south : )]

The journey, which is for three days, will take us to an island of 150 inhabitants, including the seven remaining members of an indigineous tribe. Navimag [the ship company] stops there twice a week with their provisions. It is national parkland and, weather permitting, we can disembark and trek along a path for an hour. Here's hoping.

There was a meeting this morning detailing each day, as well as safety onboard. I will be heading off for a talk on glaciars. There will be several such talks over the next couple of days.

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