Saturday, December 31, 2011

Torres del Paine: 2005 fire damage seen in 2010.

This is part of the area in Torres del Paine that was burnt in 2005 by a Czech tourist, Jiri Smitak. 14,000 hectares burnt
(about 7% of the park) in the Laguna Azul, Cebolla and Paine Waterfall areas. The cause was Jiri camping wild,
ie in an area not designated for camping, in grassland! He improperly handling his gas cooking stove. He got the maximum $200 fine. The Czech Government stepped in (smartly) to pay for the restoration and replanting activities. The damage is obvious today when you head through the area.
A 23-year-old Israeli camper, Rotem Singer, has been charged with starting the current fire that has now consumed 11,000 hectares and continues to rage on.

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