Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trekking in Canada

The view over Cochamo valley, Chile. We are planning a
return visit there in January 2012 to more fully explore
the mountains.
Trekking has fast become my favourite way to experience new places. From the Grand Canyon to mountain ranges across South America I've been loving getting out there with a tent, kitchen and all the things I need in my backpack. Indeed, we are planning on heading back to Cochamo next year.

Yet, I've not seen Canada's wilder places from that perspective. Sure, I've skied out West, and in the East, I've lived on PEI and explored all the Island has to offer, done the drive around the Cabot Trail, day-hiked around Ottawa, navigated the wilds of Toronto :). But when we go 'backcountry', we head to the Adirondack Mountains wilderness in New York State - which is a fantastic place and only 3 hours from Ottawa.

This year, we will discover some of Canada's wilder fringes doning backpacks and hiking boots (and all the other stuff one needs out there).

So here's my question: What are your favourite trekking destinations across the country?What are the off-the-beaten trekking spots in the Northwest Territories and Newfoundland? The ruminating is just beginning and any random hints will be taken into consideration.

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