Thursday, June 10, 2010

El Bolsón, Argentina

We had a great time in this small town at the 42nd parallel in Northern Patagonia  in 2007.
This brief compendium offers a view into the heart of the town. (Click on images to enlarge)

1. Isometric ab-strengthening exercise - or just an odd thing to do in a park, before drinking up?

2. Piltriquitron Mountain - after Aconcagua base camp, we were still drawn to the mountains. This one not nearly so high :)

3. "To go or not to go" - this was a rather large horned animal roaming in the bushes

4. We opted "to go" ... for a beer in this funky in the middle-of-nowhere-in-particular spot just outside of El Bolsón. Check out the assorted stories unfolding on the wall - from Lennon and Ono to local ferias to...

5. Guy on bike with galloping horse ... for all I know this was the one I rode the next day up the Canyon Azul (I'd never even been on a horse before, and we decide to ride up a Canyon that was worth its name - I faked being relaxed and confident all day on that horse!)

6. Yes, finding the bus stop. That was a challenge. We eventually settled on this corner after we realized that one simply waves at the bus driver anywhere along his route and they stop for you. The lady who explained this to us was very nice ... 

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