Thursday, March 18, 2010

How far is it? And what's the nearest airport?

Living in Canada teaches that distance is easily misjudged - especially by those not living here. Since we are planning to travel across an entire continent, even though we'll mostly stick to its Pacific side, we looked for distance calculators to appreciate fully just how far we will go.  Most offer 'as the crow flies' information, which is good enough for this purpose. The Daft Logic tool using Google maps has the quickest interface I've found so far.

The other day we found another site, which I cannot locate online for the life of me now :(  It had a decent distance tool interface but more important, it also had a 'nearest airport' finder tool. This is great, because it looks like we will want to fly to some smaller places a couple of times along the way. We'll  have to check on Jan's computer later for the bookmark. Meanwhile, if you have a favourite site you've used, let us know.

On that note, thanks again for the tip on airline travel application.

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