Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Seeking: mountaineering partner for Aconcagua 2018

Seeking: mountaineering partner/s interested in the South American Andes between about 15 and 40
To  Plaza de Mulas, the climbing base camp.
degrees South (i.e. Altitudes of more than 6,000m/20,000 feet, relatively little snow or glaciers). 

My objective: to climb Aconcagua in Argentina in 2018 (summit just short of 7,000 m).

I'm looking for people to plan, train (think epic Yukon treks, long Eastern US/Canada through hikes, trips at altitude) and climb this impressive mountain. Regular climbing season on Aconcagua runs from mid-November to mid-March. The trip takes about 3 weeks, but I'll need more time to acclimatize and likely would do so in Bolivia's high mountains. Intrigued? Interested? 
The Polish route sen from Plaza Francia
(not considering that one so much)

Check out:

You'll see, Jan, my long-time partner in life and the mountains in many of these posts. Unfortunately, that partnership ended last year, so I am looking for a new 'travel in high places' partner.

Message me here and let's talk!

Aconcagua Normal route seen from Plaza de Mulas
at about 4,450 m. Summit at 6,962 m (22,840 feet)

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Inga Petri is sharing their location

Sharing my location at the MapShare web site:

To learn more about MapShare and the DeLorme inReach two-way satellite communicator, visit or

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Winter hiking near Whitehorse

I've been in Whitehorse since Friday. Happily I wrangled some hikes around town with some of my new Yukon friends and their Yukon dogs. There is snow everywhere, but in the higher elevations it is the best kind of winter. Super dry cold - can one ever moisturize enough up here?! - gorgeous fluffy snow on all the trees. A certain monochromatic whiteness and ever changing skies.

Dressing for this weather is much simpler than the damp cold in Ottawa and similar locales. Basically, with the right mix of performance clothing the cold stays outside; it just doesn't get into your bones. Also, there was no wind today. Wind makes such a ridge walk a whole different sort of experience. When we started the hike today it was probably around -18C or so. It felt fine and there was some de-layering needed on the uphill portion.

Our high point today was 1,507 m. We climbed 400 m from Fish Lake Road to the top of the ridge, according to my inReach. As Whitehorse is around 700 m, it doesn't conjure quite this wintry feeling, yet.

The scenery is crazy gorgeous. I mean it is stunning in the summer here but mind-blowing now. Check out today's Fish Lake hike up on to the ridge.

The view across Fish Lake from the ridge.

Walking along the ridge.

This Yukon dog really didn't appreciate standing still on
the snow.  Do check out the backdrop!
The human hiking pals, some I met a few months ago, some today.
That is how it rolls. 

Short breaks make for happy hikers.

Snow covered trees in the sunlight.

The Ridge. We are just above the treeline here.
Fun hike.

Monday, November 9, 2015

ACC Gazette published my story on Icefield Discovery

Full story:
The Alpine Club of Canada's Gazette, the ACC trice yearly members' magazine, has just published my Icefield Discovery camp story in its Winter 2015 issue. And it made the cover, thanks to some fellow campers great photography! This one was more of a team effort, with ACCers contributing photos and offering edit suggestions on a draft text.

Read the full story and see more great pics here.

This is my third ACC Gazette article in the last few years. The other two are:
The Summer issue in 2014 detailing a trip to Bolivia's remote parts of the Cordillera Real and doing a first female ascent to Pico Aguila at about 5,500m.

The Winter issue in 2012 detailing one week of a 3 months Andean adventure focused on the stunning Cochamo valley in the Chilean Lake District in Northern Patagonia.

It's fun to spend this kind of time in some amazing mountains on this Earth of ours.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My first Yukon paddle: Chadburn Lake

My last evening in Whitehorse this September, a friend took me out for my very first paddle in the Yukon. As it was a post-work excursion we kept it simple: flat water kayaking on Chadburn Lake. This beautiful spot is within city limits in Whitehorse. I don't know if it ever gets busy there, but there were just three of us on his lake that evening. We paddled until dark and enjoyed visiting with a beaver, ducks and perhaps even a loon, and each other.

It was a perfect evening.

My ride with my ride - thanks to Up North Adventures for the kayak.
Reflections. Evening Light on Grey Mountain. 

Solitude and silence.

That's me on Chadburn Lake. Thanks for this cool photo! (by Kalin Pallett)

Light and dark as the sun begins to set.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hiking around Whitehorse: Grey Mountain Traverse

Today's GPS tracking points.
Today we spent another day hiking, bushwhacking and ridge walking. The objective: A north - south traverse of Grey Mountain ridge. I think traverses are always a really cool thing.

View of Whitehorse from one of the most northern ridges. 
We set up a vehicle shuttle, so we could avoid hiking along the dirt road at the end of this 7.5 hour hike. That way our energy was focused on the high-reward aspects of this impressive traverse.

Starting on the north side we had to climb about 200 m more in terms of elevation. That was well worth the effort: we ascended the ridge one intermediate summit after another, offering exquisite views and culminating in the highest summit on the south end.

One challenge was finding the up-track once the trail faded amongst the brush and many fallen trees. We were happy that Jeanne had loaded up a GPS track, so we could avoid backtracking as we meandered uphill. The bushwhacking and trail-finding was made more challenging by early season snow.

The view of the south summit of  Grey Mountain.
Once we gained the first high point, the view overlooking Whitehorse was immediately impressive. And it only got more so, as we headed further up on our south-ward trajectory and gained views from Lake Laberge to Marsh Lake and the mountains beyond.

We also got a fine view of the still snow-clad Mount Lorne.

Despite some threatening clouds we only got minimal rain on our final, steep descent on Money Shot. (To be sure, this seems to be typical sandbagging kind of name for a mountain bike trail.)
Wendy and Jeanne head toward the south summit of Grey Mountain.

In total, we ascended just over 700 m; a perfectly reasonable effort.

All in all a great day in the company of some very fine companions. Thanks Wendy and Jeanne!
This image doesn't do the fall colours justice. The yellows really popped
among the grey rocks and evergreens.

Hard to capture the mood of this moment with a smart phone camera.
Alas, it is what I got :) (with Yukon River)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hiking around Whitehorse: Mount Lorne

Our out and back track on the south side of Mount Lorne
I had made plans with a couple of new Alpine Club friends to head to Kluane's Bock's Lake and explore that area during the long weekend. But early snow, reported to be over one foot in those mountains and the potential for high water creek crossings due to snow melt, made that three-day trip seem a tad ambitous. Instead two of us opted for closer to Whitehorse hiking. Yesterday, we made our way to Mount Lorne.

Mount Lorne range viewed from the south.
The Mt. Lorne area has a long tradition of  First Nations people hunting and gathering. In fact, an archaeological dig at Annie Lake discovered remains of campsites dating back over 8,000 years.

Beautiful fall colours.
My hiking companion was hoping to confirm the route for a traverse of the Lorne ridge and a range just to the South. To that end she hoped to get up high enough on a col to get a look down at Monkey Creek. 

We couldn't get quite as far as far as anticipated, as we were clambering over, under and around fallen trees every 50 - 100 m for the length of the trail, and once up high we were post holing through at times knee-deep snow. Still we managed to ascend from about 770 metres at the trail head to 1,515 metres. And bonus, it was enough to confirm the traverse route in any case.

We had fantastic views to Marsh Lake and the full panorama of these mountains. It was a beautiful hiking day.

View toward Marsh Lake from our high point at 1,514 m (Click on images to view large)